Buying a refurbished iPhone can be a great way for you to experience a great product at a wallet-friendly price. Of course, when buying a refurbished phone, you will want to make sure that you a getting a functional product. At Derek Enterprises we offer new, refurbished, and pre-owned iPhones.

Many people are wary of the idea of purchasing a refurbished phone because it gives off the impression that they will end up with a phone that is either easily damaged, or lacking in quality. In other cases, some people believe that a refurbished phone is a fake device. In reality, a refurbished phone is an original phone that has been repaired and restored to its factory settings and resold as is. Some refurbished phones are older models, which is why some of them are significantly less costly despite being original models. If you are considering purchasing a refurbished phone, here are some questions to ask.

Is it a good idea to purchase a refurbished iPhone? 

In a nutshell, yes. Many people think that a refurbished phone means a phone of subpar quality and can even indicate a defective phone. Many people who own iPhones will buy them every time a new version is released and choose to return their old phones to the company. This can be done in exchange for store credit or, in some cases, a phone swap. These phones are inspected for any quality issues to make sure everything is functioning. If these are any signs of damage, these are repaired, or the parts are replaced before they are resold as refurbished phones at lower prices.

While many refurbished phones are older models, there are no problems or issues with their functionality. So if you don’t mind sporting an older model, buying refurbished iPhones is a good deal. You can get an iPhone version that you want at a lower cost than a brand new one. If you are on a tight budget, getting a refurbished iPhone can help you save some cash while getting a quality phone that you can use daily. 

Where can I purchase a refurbished iPhone?

If you want to buy a refurbished iPhone, you must only trust a reliable shop like Derek Enterprises. You can choose whichever version you want and it comes with solutions that you can easily choose and customize depending on your needs. If you want to buy an iPhone XR, check out this link or you can go for an iPhone XS Max

What is the difference between a refurbished and a used iPhone? 

Keep in mind that a refurbished and used iPhone do not refer to the same thing. Used cellphones are usually sold in their current condition, regardless of what that condition is. This means that nothing is done to restore their condition and functionality. They can have scratches, signs of usage, and clear damage, but these can perform relatively well, especially if you buy them from a trustworthy seller.

On the other hand, refurbished iPhones are checked for any issues, fixed of any glitches, and completely restored as if they are brand new. They will be thoroughly checked before they are sold in the market. Some refurbished phones are also installed with the latest software. Their conditions are restored to their original state, and function almost as well as brand new ones. Important note: Used phones are usually cheaper than refurbished ones. 

Is the iPhone unlocked? 

When buying a refurbished iPhone, you should take into account that it can be either locked or unlocked, so make sure to check it before you purchase it. If you get a locked phone, you can only use it with a specific carrier, and can be troublesome for you if you have to take it to a technician to have it unlocked. If you can, you must look for an unlocked iPhone so that you can easily use the services of any network service provider that you are currently using or prefer. 

What is the condition of the refurbished iPhone?

Before purchasing a refurbished iPhone, you should take note of the condition it is in. These types of phones are usually categorized depending on their condition. Pristine, like Brand New, Excellent, Good, Acceptable, are some terms that are commonly used to describe the condition of the phone. Some sellers also categorize used phones in different grades. Grade A phones look brand new and their quality is close to a brand new phone. On the other hand, Grade B and C may have scratches, slight physical damage such as marks and dings and will look like they have been used and pre-owned. 

How much should I expect to pay for a refurbished iPhone?

You must be smart when buying a refurbished iPhone and consider its price. One thing you can do is compare its price to a brand new one to see if you will be saving more money with a refurbished unit. Usually, refurbished smartphones like iPhones have lower prices than their brand-new counterparts. However, the cost of the phone can change depending on the condition, version, and software. Before you choose the unit with the lowest price, make sure to check the phone’s condition. Taking the time to perform all of these checks will help you choose the phone that best fits your personal and budgetary needs. 

Does the refurbished phone come with a warranty?

Many people ask this question when it comes to refurbished phones, and with good reason. After all, the last thing you want is to end up with a phone that stops functioning within three days of purchse. Used phones do not typically have a warranty, but most direct sellers will provide it. If you opt for a refurbished phone from an authorized dealer, they are usually offered with a 90-180 day warranty. If you are very concerned about the warranty, choose a refurbished iPhone that comes with Apple Care. Most sellers offer a warranty and money-back guarantees, so you can have the assurance that you will have a refurbished smartphone that will work and can be repaired if needed. 

When is the right time to purchase a refurbished iPhone? 

If you need a phone and you have a tight budget, you can go for a refurbished iPhone from Derek Enterprises. You can check out the solutions available and find one that will fit your budget and needs. Take into consideration when new models are available in the market; the previous versions’ prices will drop, which is a good time for you to buy a refurbished unit at a great price.

What Are the Important Tips to Remember When Purchasing a Refurbished iPhone?

Select the phone with the right storage capacity 

Refurbished iPhones units tend to be made up of older models, and, compared to the latest models, they tend to have smaller storage space. The newer models have up to 512 GB storage that you can use for apps, music, photos, etc. If you do not need that much storage, you can go for most models with less available storage space, which tends to be less costly. However, if you use iCloud for music and photos, you can just get an iPhone with 64GB so that you will not face any issues with storage in the long run. 

Check out the features and price 

Buying a refurbished iPhone will cost you less than purchasing the current model on the market. It can be a great way for you to save money if you have a tight budget. Make sure to check the features of the iPhone that you are purchasing, check its price, and you can also compare it to the brand new version to make sure that you know what features you will be getting for the price that you are paying.

Check the battery 

Since most phones that are refurbished are previously owned, you must check if the battery is still working. You must make sure that the battery’s health is functional. You can check the battery’s health in the settings app of the phone. If the iPhone has an operating system with 11.3 and later, you can click the Settings and choose “Battery”. Click the “Battery Health” and check its maximum capacity. You must choose a phone that has a maximum capacity of near 100% and if it is under 80%, you must remove that phone from your list and check for other available options.  

Check for water damage 

The latest iPhone models are water-resistant, so they won’t be prone to water damage. However, older models can have some form of water damage, so this is something that you need to double-check. If you are purchasing an iPhone 6 or later models, you can check the SIM tray and check for red inside the tray slot. If there is a red color present, it means that the Liquid Contact Indicator has been activated. Older models, such as the iPhone 5 have a water damage indicator in their charging port, but you may have second thoughts about them as these phone models are rather old and may be considered obsolete. 

Check hardware damage 

Refurbished phones can show signs of normal wear and tear like scratches, marks, and dings on the side, top, and back of the phone. Major scratches on the screen as well as problems with the touch sensor, and a broken camera lens are big problems that need to be addressed. It is best if you visit the store and check the phone in person. This way, you can test the camera, buttons, etc. If you are not allowed to check anything, then to be on the safe side, reconsider the purchase. You should only purchase from a trusted seller like Derek Enterprises. Please check out our shop for complete solutions that will fit your needs. If you are looking for a specific iPhone model and if you have questions regarding the iPhones that we are currently offering, please reach out to us. You can also check out our new store website here

Are you a big fan of iPhones? If you are looking to buy a new phone and are interested in purchasing a refurbished iPhone, then Derek Enterprises is the perfect solution for you. We offer new, pre-owned, and refurbished Apple products and services. Please give us a call if you have any questions or inquiries. You can contact us by calling 541-255-2310 or writing us an email at We have a new retail store located at SmartHelp 964 Pumpkin Ridge, Eagle Point, OR 97524. Reach out to us today!

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