How To Keep Your Battery Health at a Hundred Percent

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Ever since the first Apple iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, it symbolized the beginning revolutionizing the mobile world. It gradually changed the way people perceived cellphones. It ushered an era of touch mobile devices. It paved the way for other mobile companies to also step up their game in making high-quality touch mobile devices.

Other than the touch mobile feature of the first iPhone, its other software features mirrored the usual with those of its competitors such as the Calendar, Camera, and more. Notably, it offers quad-band GSM cellular connectivity with GPRS and EDGE for data transfer.

With every new iPhone model released, we can’t help but notice the outstanding new features that they bring in to a mobile device. These are features that haven’t been offered yet by any cellular company.

How To Keep Your Battery Health at a Hundred Percent

The iPhone showed that cellphones are for more than just sending texts and receiving calls. It became your personal assistant. The iPhone gradually improved its camera that allowed users to create beautiful photos and layouts. The versatility of apps from games to productivity to fitness allowed the iPhone users to have everything that they needed within their palms. The iPhone 5 was also a notable iPhone launch since it’s the first phone that offered long-time LTE usage.

All these features were all loved by many especially those who were tech-savvy. However, there was one thing that was always said about the iPhone by its users which is the draining battery health.

A lot of the iPhone users have always complained about battery health after more than a year of using the phone. The iPhones involved were those from the first model until the iPhone 7 since there was a huge battery improvement from iPhone 8 onwards.

While the first thought would be to blame Apple for this draining battery health, a lot of the reasons why it happens is actually because of the users and how we use our phones unhealthily.

Therefore, we have gathered a lot of data that can help each iPhone user to use their phones healthily so that we can keep the battery health of our iPhones at 100% for a very long time.

1. Research Your Phone’s Charge Cycle
Did you know that each kind of phone has its own limited number of charge cycles? A charge cycle is the full discharge and charge of your battery from 0% to 100%. Each cellphone has a specific number of charge cycles.

From this information, each iPhone user must be mindful of how many charge cycles their phone has to make sure they limit the times that they allow their phones to be drained. To be safe, do not allow your phone to drop to zero! Since there is the charge cycle of 0% to 100%, there is also a half cycle. Therefore, it is important that you take note of when your phone’s battery drops to 50%.

2. Avoid Extreme Heat or Cold

Extreme heat or extreme cold can strain your battery and therefore can shorten its life span or lessen the charge cycles. Remember how you sometimes leave your car in the extreme heat? Make sure to avoid that to save your battery’s life. It’s the same as leaving it outside on your porch during winter. It’s a big no-no!

3. Turn Down Your Screen’s Brightness
It’s a no-brainer that turning down your screen’s brightness will definitely save a lot of energy. With this being said, it’s probably a smart move to use your phone’s Auto-Brightness so that the brightness will automatically reduce if not the brightness is not used. This will not only save your battery’s health but will also save your eyes as well.

4. Overcharging is bad – it’s a myth!

Overcharging is bad

Remember how your mother would always say not to leave your phone charging overnight because it might ruin your battery? It is actually a myth. The new iPhones now is able to realize when it has reached its optimum power and will then switch to AC power. This ensures that your iPhone will not overcharge.

5. Don’t Use While Charging
Now here is something your mama said that is not a myth. To keep your battery health healthy, you must not use it while it’s charging. If you need to make phone calls or send a couple of texts, it is better to unplug it. Resume charging once you are done using your phone.

3. Always Bring a Power bank

Always Bring a Power bank
Bringing a power bank is always a good idea because we will never know where we will be the moment our iPhone is already at 50%. Remember, we don’t want to charge when it’s already below 50! With a power bank, you can charge anytime and anywhere you want. Make sure you use a power bank that’s lightweight so that you won’t be lazy or exhausted to bring it.

Those are just 6 simple reminders that we must keep in mind so that we can make use of our iPhones for a long time. This also applies to our iPads and Macbooks as well. We should also make sure our gadgets remain healthy even if the latest generations of Apple products have significantly improved the overall battery health.

If you have any software or hardware needs, schedule an appointment with us now. Call us at (541)- 255-2310. If you don’t have any needs yet because you don’t have an iPhone yet, why not purchase from us now? We’ll be sure to help you keep your phones as healthy as they can be.

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