Our children today are increasingly tech-savvy. And with the remote learning they experienced during the pandemic, they have become more exposed to smartphones and tablets, and will eventually ask to own one if they still don’t.

Should you get a smartphone for your child?

A child’s use of a smartphone comes with good and bad effects, but these days, it is proving to be more beneficial than disadvantageous for both the parent and the child.

One of the top concerns of parents about giving a smartphone to their children is exposure to inappropriate content or excessive use of the gadget. However, these worries can easily be addressed with modern technology.

Smartphones are also a very important and convenient tool for communication, especially by the time your child starts going to places without you, like on a school trip or a sleepover at a friend’s house. You won’t be too worried about your child’s whereabouts because you can monitor their location by calling or messaging them, or through a smartphone app.

The decision of whether you should buy a smartphone for your child should always depend on your choice as a parent. However, if you have decided to purchase a smartphone for your child, the next step is to consider which one to buy. Keep reading to learn about the things you need to consider when buying a smartphone for your child.
What things should you consider when choosing the first smartphone for your child?


Children are not as careful with their belongings as adults are, and this applies to how they treat their phones. The phone can easily get damaged if your child carries it around. It can be covered in sand, take a swim in a puddle, or it might be in their pocket when they’re riding their bike.

Fortunately, you can protect the phone in various ways. Put a tempered glass screen protector to prevent scratches and cracks in the screen. You should also definitely buy a protective case for your child’s phone. There are several styles of protective phone cases you can buy in the market, but we recommend the wallet case because it offers maximum protection for the phone screen. You can even put bus cards and library cards in the wallet case. Phone cases also allow your child to customize their phone. They come in various designs, and some are even waterproof.


Small phones fit children perfectly. It will be easier for them to handle it, and it reduces the risk of accidentally dropping the phone because it’s too big to fit into their hands.
While smartphones with big screens look good, it’s not necessarily appropriate for tiny humans. Your child will likely not enjoy carrying an oversized phone around and will end up leaving the phone at home or in their bag. In the end, it still becomes difficult to reach them. But when you give them a small phone that easily fits in their hand or pocket, they’ll be more likely to carry them around, which will make it easier for you to communicate with them when they are out.


Your child’s first smartphone doesn’t have to be the most pricey one on the market. Since kids may easily damage their phones, giving them a cheap basic smartphone will save you both money and a headache. The price of the smartphone should be such that it won’t hurt your budget too much to buy a replacement phone in case their old phone doesn’t work anymore. Basic phones still contain the same features as the finest and most expensive models and are completely appropriate for the needs of your child.


Owning a smartphone has its risks. Anyone can reach them through the internet, and they may be exposed to content that may be inappropriate for their age. The child may not know what kind of pictures they should share on social media or what kind of topics they can talk about in their class messaging group.
The easiest way to ensure the safety of your child when you give them a smartphone is to set family rules. Agree on limits for phone use, like how long they can use it per day, and for what purpose. Teach your child good online habits, like what they shouldn’t upload on social media. As a parent, make sure that your child is adhering to the age limits of social networking sites.

Smartphone use also poses a risk in traffic. Always remind your child to keep their eyes on traffic when walking to school. We also recommend using a smartphone finger sensor to prevent the misuse of the phone in case it’s accidentally lost, or stolen. This is better than using passcodes or unlock patterns because people can’t copy them. It’s also a good idea to install a location tracker app on your child’s phone.

Should you get an iPhone for your child?

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Getting your child an iPhone for their first phone is a good choice. The older models are well-suited for their needs. Because of the iPhone’s small size, they can fit easily in the child’s pocket or hand. The older models are also not very expensive, but still very durable with many options for protective cases and accessories. It’s one of the most user-friendly smartphones in the market, so your child will easily learn how to use it.

If the rest of the family are Apple users, then an iPhone is a particularly good choice for your child’s first phone. The family can teach the child how to familiarize the phone’s operating system, and the parents can easily monitor the child’s activity on the phone.

Through Apple’s Family Sharing, it can be easy to track the child’s daily phone usage. Besides sharing locations, this feature also allows the family to easily share photos and reminders. The family sharing settings can be defined by an adult in the family.

Apple’s family sharing also requires parents’ approval before the child can download or purchase new apps on their iPhone, so it’s easy for you to know your child’s activities on their phone.

Should you get a refurbished iPhone for your child?
Getting your child a used iPhone for their first smartphone is not a bad idea at all. It’s cheaper than a new one, but the phone’s functions and condition are very well-suited for children. Nowadays, it’s easy to buy a refurbished iPhone online, but make sure to buy only from trusted sellers like Derek Enterprises. We sell fully functional refurbished iPhones, which you can easily order online or from our physical retail store located at SmartHelp 964 Pumpkin Ridge, Eagle Point, OR 97524. Please give us a call at (541)255-2310 for any inquiries.

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