Facts You Need To Know Before Purchasing Refurbished Apple Products

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Nowadays, a lot of individuals prefer purchasing refurbished products because, aside from being cheaper, it also offers a lot of benefits. If you are wondering where you can purchase legit refurbished Apple products, you’ve come to the right place.

At Derek Enterprises, we offer refurbished, pre-owned, and brand new Apple products. If you are planning to purchase refurbished Apple products, make sure to keep reading this short article where we will discuss the important facts that you need to know before purchasing refurbished Apple products. If you want to know more information, make sure to continue reading below.

When you decide to purchase refurbished Apple products, it is easier to find amazing bargains. Check out Derek Enterprises for more information about the refurbished Apple products that we offer. Feel free to check out the important facts to know before you decide to purchase refurbished Apple products.

Facts You Need To Know Before Purchasing Refurbished Apple Products

1. What is a refurbished Apple product?

An item or product is refurbished when it has been restored to a fully-working condition. Its condition is akin to a brand-new product and has undergone certain tests and quality checks before it is put on the market. Refurbished products are also known as remanufactured, reconditioned, or refurbed products.

2. Do refurbished Apple products work the same as a brand new product?

Yes, refurbished Apple products are fully-functional, they are tested for any issues or problems and they undergo quality testing before they are offered on the market. All components of a refurbished product work like it’s a brand new product.

A refurbished product is first thoroughly checked, and if one part is not up to functional standards, it will be replaced accordingly. For example, if the screen of an iPhone is not fully functional, it will be replaced with a fully functional one. When you buy a refurbished Apple product, this means that you are paying for an original, fully working product that looks and functions exactly like a brand new product, but costs significantly less.

3. Are refurbished Apple products fully tested?

When an Apple product is going to be refurbished, it will completely undergo quality checks and testing. At Derek Enterprises, we perform a full test and quality check for the product. This testing includes software and hardware tests to ensure that we are giving our clients a fully functional refurbished Apple product.

We also check all of the components and parts of the product to make sure that it checks all of the boxes. If no issues are found, then we will also perform troubleshooting. If one component or part is not fully functional, then we will proceed to replace the specific part with a new one. After a fix or replacement has been performed, the refurbished product will undergo another round of full tests and a final quality check will be performed to ensure that a product is fully functional and in working condition. Only then will the product be approved and sold to the market as a refurbished Apple product.

4. Do refurbished Apple products have a functional operating system?

Refurbished Apple products undergo a complete hard drive clean up so that all data will be erased, and the operating system will be reinstalled. When you purchase a refurbished MacBook, iPad, or iPhone, it will have a fully functioning iOS completely set up for you. The refurbished product will have an operating system installed as if it is a brand new model, then you will be able to set and operate your Apple device like it is a brand new device.

5. Do refurbished Apple products cost less than brand new Apple products?

Yes, this is why we highly recommend that our clients purchase refurbished Apple products if they are working with a limited budget and want to save a lot of money. If you want to buy an Apple product, make sure to buy a refurbished product so you can save quite a bit of money in the process, while getting a fully functional product that looks and feels brand new.
Derek Enterprises offers brand new, refurbished, and pre-owned Apple products. What are the facts you need to know before purchasing refurbished Apple products?

If you are based in Medford, Oregon, Derek Enterprises is worth checking out. We offer a lot of Apple products, ranging in condition from refurbished, pre-owned, and brand new. We can help you find the best Apple product that suits your needs. Check our website for more information.

Are you looking for a company that offers brand new, refurbished, or pre-owned Apple products? If you are based in Medford, Oregon, make sure to check out Derek Enterprises. Our main office, SmartHelp is located at 1600 N. Riverside Ave. Upper level: Space 2109, Medford, OR 97501.

We carry different Apple products and we provide different services like technical support, hardware repairs, training, and workshops. If you are looking for a specific refurbished Apple product, please contact us today! Feel free to give us a call us at 541-255-2310 or send us an email at machelp@toddderek.com. Make sure to only trust a reliable company like Derek Enterprises for all your refurbished Apple products’ needs.

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