When choosing a laptop, there are certain features that you need to consider, such as the memory, processor, storage, graphic display, and even its aesthetics. Keep in mind that a laptop could either slow you down or improve your work efficiency. Perhaps the physical design would be your last priority. However, the best thing about a MacBook is that they include high-quality hardware specs along with a sleek design and an innovative chassis. What makes MacBook laptops appealing to professionals and businesses is that they are packed with power and beauty.

Are you planning to buy a MacBook Pro but are having some doubts? The following are some of the great benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to buy a MacBook over other brands. Let’s get started!

Powerful Operating System

One of the most important benefits of choosing a Mac is its operating system, which is macOS. By using the macOS, you will be less susceptible to malware and various types of viruses. It has a user-friendly and intuitive system interface. If you have been using an iPhone or iPad, then you will be familiar with using MacBook Pro. Also, integration between macOS computers and other iOS mobile devices is instant and seamless. Even if you have started doing your task on your iOS device, you can simply continue where you left off on your MacBook.

Since Apple is both a device manufacturer and a software developer, they can easily upgrade their operating system so that it can work seamlessly with their hardware components. With its simple interface, lesser security threats and attacks, as well as improved hardware and software operations, macOS has managed to provide its users with a smoother experience.

Excellent High-Definition Screen Display

If you want to have one of the most amazing displays out there, then you should choose the MacBook Pro, as it features an LED-backlit Retina display. In fact, it is one of the major selling points of Apple that makes them unique from its competitors. The Retina display refers to the pixel density and high resolution of the screen. It offers the best user experience compared to other laptops with poor displays.

This is a very valuable feature, particularly for creative professionals such as graphic artists, filmmakers, photographers, as well as photo and video editors. The MacBook Pro will let them see the precise colors of their work. On the other hand, the Retina display is also comforting for business professionals who spend most of their time in front of their screens. It’s because it can provide them with crisper and clearer images which can minimize eyestrain.

Improved Battery Performance

One of the top reasons why most people choose to buy laptops is their mobility. Aside from its size and weight, one of the most powerful selling points of laptops is their battery performance. With a single charge, a laptop could last to a minimum of two to three hours to a maximum of seven to eight hours and even more. The best thing about MacBook Pros is that it can last for hours on its own.

The battery of 13-inch models could last up to 10 hours and up to 11 hours for the 16-inch models. Keep in mind that the battery performance of your machine will likely depend on several factors, including the external temperature, app usage, and its lifecycle.

Sturdy Keyboard and Trackpad

The latest model of MacBook Pro features a scissor keyboard mechanism. It is more dependable and gives users a familiar feel. At the same time, it can minimize the chances of potentially suffering from stuck keys. Nevertheless, its previous models that use the butterfly keyboard mechanism are not quite bad after all. Underneath each key is a silicone layer that can prevent debris from getting inside. Furthermore, it is also softer to press and quieter than other brands.

On the other hand, MacBook Pro’s Force Touch trackpad offers better control and experience for users. It features accurate cursor control along with pressure-sensing functionality, permitting Force clicks and Multi-Touch features. Users feel more comfortable and find it convenient to use this trackpad. In fact, they do not have to use a mouse even while editing images, unlike other laptop models.

High-End Look and Feel

Obviously, the function will always exceed form. However, Apple has taken the time to create a powerful machine that incorporates cutting-edge aesthetics. Furthermore, the MacBook looks sleek compared to Windows laptops. You might find great laptops out there, which have the same price and features that you are looking for. However, it’s hard to deny that MacBook Pros not only perform well, but they also look and feel great.

Last Longer

You can always ensure that MacBook will last for a long time. It does not only apply to MacBook Pros, but also to any other MacBook models. As long as you have taken good care of your MacBook Pro, it should likely last for a long time. On average, these can last around seven years.

All the components used in a MacBook are optimized so they can harmoniously work together. This way, the machine can operate smoothly throughout its lifespan. On the other hand, Windows laptops are made up of different components from various equipment manufacturers. This means that processing could be difficult, making it less efficient over time.

Why is the MacBook Pro the Best Choice?

Most people would consider the specifications first before their aesthetics. Fortunately, MacBook Pro models boast a healthy balance of the two factors, making them a smart option compared to its competitors. It’s hard to deny that these high-performing MacBook Pros come at a cost. However, considering what you are getting, such as its innovative features and design, you can easily justify its price tag.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough of a budget but still want to purchase your own MacBook Pro, then you can opt for a refurbished MacBook. They are the most affordable solution for you. The only difference between a brand-new MacBook Pro and a refurbished one is its price, the latter is less expensive. If you put them side-by-side, you will discover that there is no significant difference in its performance.

Reasons Why You Should Buy the New 13-Inch MacBook Pro

In an instant, you can quickly notice the similarities of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to its predecessors. Once you use it, you can also feel the difference in a lot of ways. It is loaded with serious power and superior performance. It provides new features that may appear subtle on the surface, such as the True Tone display and Hey Siri, yet, surprisingly, you can feel an enormous difference in everyday use. With the addition of its improved keyboard, you finally have what looks like a winner. Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot afford this premium machine. However, the benefits that you can obtain from this machine can truly compensate for its cost.

It Has Amazing Speed

The 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with a quad-core 8th Gen Core i5 or the more powerful Core i7 processor, along with 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, making it a certified winner based on modern standards.

It Has a True Tone Display

You will be amazed by the screen display of this 13-inch MacBook Pro. It is very colorful, bright and has a sharp resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The big difference is the integration of True Tone technology, which transforms the white balance depending on the color temperature of its surrounding lights. As a result, users can enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience, especially for those who are working all day long staring at their screens. Its new features include Hey Siri and the T2 chip.

The integration of the new advanced T2 chip in the MacBook Pro has provided some valuable features. It allows for a secure boot process as well as complete disk encryption for that information stored on the SSD. But the most exciting part is the incorporation of Hey Siri, which can let the users use their voice to practically do everything from launching websites to changing the laptop’s settings.

It Includes Great Speakers

Most laptop manufacturers do not consider audio quality as an important feature. However, the two speakers that are embedded in the MacBook Pro’s keyboard can truly give you a wonderful experience since it offers a rich and balanced audio experience. You will truly love its clarity and volume while making video calls as well as when streaming music. Also, its sound will not distort at its maximum volume compared to most Windows notebooks.

It Has Excellent Graphics Performance

The 13-inch MacBook Pro includes the Intel Iris 655 Plus graphics chip which is more than capable of editing photos and videos. Unfortunately, it is not capable of handling mainstream games.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you are a fan of Mac, then the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can definitely satisfy you with its improved keyboard, excellent performance as well as its unique touches such as the True Tone display and Hey Siri. Derek Enterprises sells brand new and refurbished MacBook units. To know more about their products and services, you can call them at (541) 255-2310 or send them a message at machelp@toddderek.com.

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