Why Choose An iPhone Over Android Devices?

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Why Choose An iPhone Over Android Devices?
People who are interested in buying a new phone usually have to choose between an Android phone or an iPhone, which are two of the most popular phone types. Is it a good idea to switch from Android to iPhone? Here are the reasons why you should choose an iPhone over an Android phone.

Data Security

Based on a report from Forbes, 97% of smartphone malware target Android phones. Additionally, most information security companies believe that Apple devices are more secured compared to Android devices.

Android phones often get viruses and malware from app store applications. The number of available apps in Apple are fewer compared to Android. However, this is not the most important thing. Apple carefully selects which app developers are given access to the Apple ecosystem. That is why it is practically impossible to get apps that contain viruses and malware from the App Store.

On the other hand, Google Play, Google’s app store, is free and ad supported. This means that anyone can publish their own apps. Also, Android permits the users to install apps outside the Google Play store. As a result, it will be difficult to monitor apps that contain viruses and malware.

Aside from the app store, operating systems that are not updated can likely cause security threats. Since several phone manufacturers use Android, it would seem impossible for all of these users to obtain the updates simultaneously. As a result, they will be exposed to enormous security threats. Since iOS devices are only created by Apple, you will not be able to experience this kind of problem.

Easy to Use

All iPhones are easy to use. Their ease of use comes from its simple logic and the fact that all the apps are found on the home screen. Also, all the settings are integrated into one menu. Even if you decide to upgrade your iPhone to the latest model, the operating system is still the same. That is why you won’t have any difficulty in using it.

On the other hand, you can customize and modify your Android phone in different ways. However, the basic features of an Android operating system seem to be more complex and confusing compared to the iOS system. If you want a smartphone that is easy to use, then obviously, the best choice is an iPhone.

Easy to Use

iOS is Better Than Android

Android fanatics just can’t imagine why some people really love iOS. There are even some people who have tried using both of these operating systems, yet still favor iOS over Android. Perhaps it is the design and interface of Apple that attracts them. They love how straightforward iPhones are since they can use them right away out of the box and don’t have to spend too much time customizing their new phone extensively.

Some iPhone users also love its features such as Siri, while others are more interested in the preinstalled apps that come with their new iPhone. While some people think that Android is more superior, others feel that iOS is much better.

iPhones are Highly Recognizable

Most tech experts are quite knowledgeable about the latest phones. If they want to buy a new phone, they can easily pick the one that they like the best from the variety of options. But what about for someone who is not updated about the latest news?

Most smartphones look the same nowadays. In fact, tech-obsessed people are getting bored with the wide variety of smartphones available on the market. On the other hand, an iPhone can be easily recognized. Because of this, some people choose iPhones since this is the only device that they are familiar with.

The Apple Ecosystem

During the recent years, the variety of Apple products has grown rapidly. Apple started creating computers, then later on, they made music players, tablets, laptops, and smart watches. Today, this company is providing us with a wide range of products and services suitable for different purposes.

These different devices work effortlessly and perfectly among each other. In fact, there is no need to download or install other applications to connect them together. All you have to do is sign in to the device with the same Apple ID. All your notes, emails, calendars, photos, videos, and other files will be shared to different Apple devices. Also, you don’t have to make any additional payments for your books, movies, or apps since you can find them all on all your devices.

With this closed and private ecosystem, users are always ensured of their safety. Ultimately, when all users, devices, app developers, and manufacturers are located in the same ecosystem, then the operating environment is always kept secure.

However, it is totally different for Android phones. There are various manufacturers out there who produce different types of phones and tablets. Furthermore, all of these devices are using the same operating system. Hence, a safe ecosystem is never guaranteed when using these devices simultaneously.

The Apple Ecosystem

Apple Pay

Apple’s payment service is known as Apple Pay. Here, you will be able to make payments through your Debit Card or Credit Card using your phone. This payment system acts the same way as contactless payment with a plastic card. In this system, your phone will be placed on the card reader. To guarantee that your payment information is safe, the card is secured by the phone’s passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

You can also use Apple Pay when making purchases in apps, for shopping, making a hotel reservation, ordering a pizza, etc. While the payment service for Android is Google Pay. Unfortunately, this is not yet available in some countries. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy and simple mobile payment method system, then you should choose an Apple iPhone.

Enjoy the Best Apps First

Some of the best and the finest apps can be found in Apple. This is because most developers prefer to launch their apps in Apple’s App Store. That is why Apple users get the chance to use these apps first than Android users. For instance, Snapchat and Super Mario Run were first released in Apple’s App Store.

Sometimes, there are apps that are not released in Android phones. The reason behind this is that app developers have difficulty in creating apps and games for Android phones due to its different varieties. Most of these phones also have unique features, which should also be taken into account during the development. Since Apple’s App Store uses a revenue model, developers will be encouraged to create high-quality apps. This can guarantee iPhone users with safe and better apps in the future.

Enjoy the Best Apps First

iPhones Have No Bloatware

Even if you are a fan of Google’s platform and its apps, you can’t deny the fact that Android phones have some drawbacks. One of its downsides is that the carrier where you purchase your phone will likely add various apps and bloatware on your phone.

With your iPhone, this is never a problem since you are given the option to delete any unneeded Apple apps when setting up your new phone. For Android phones, most of the apps that were installed by the carrier will not be uninstalled. While it might not be a big issue if you have a brand new phone, after a year or two when you need more storage space, these unneeded apps will definitely be annoying.

Family Sharing

Apple iPhones are the best option for kids, especially if the whole family uses iPhones and other Apple devices. It is safe to use since parents can easily monitor what their kids are doing with their phones.

Family life is made easier through Apple’s Family Sharing. For instance, at least six family members can easily create films, share music, purchase apps, share reminders, calendars or photo albums. You can rest assured that your kids will not be downloading any paid or inappropriate apps since Family Sharing requires the approval of parents.

Also, by the time that your children will be going back to school, you can easily keep track of them using the Find My Friends feature.

iPhones are Far More Valuable

Nowadays, new smartphone models are always introduced in the market. They always come with new features, making more people upgrade their smartphones to the latest models. When people are buying new phones, they will not be using their old phones anymore. That is why they will sell them at the best possible price, especially if they are still functional.

Compared to Android phones, Apple phones have greater resale value. Since high-quality materials are used in making iPhones, this can help in maintaining their resale value. Apple phones have only one manufacturer and remain to be the flagship models. Also, they do not frequently launch new models compared to Android phones. Hence, you can always ensure that their new models are much better and equipped with new features.

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