It was on June 29, 2007, when the first iPhone, known as the iPhone 2G was introduced to the market. Prior to the launching of the iPhone, an iPod was introduced, but during that time, it was only accessible in the United States. In 2008, the iPhone became accessible to the rest of the world. The iPhone was sold in a few countries including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The iPhone was considered as the first ever touchscreen phone that includes several features such as internet access, camera, iTunes support, and a lot more. It was Jonathan “Jony” lve who designed the first iPhone. The first iPhone was created by Apple in collaboration with the late Steve Jobs.

Features of an iPhone:

  • iTunes Support
  • Large Storage of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB
  • More than 1.96 million apps available in the Apple app store
  • Camera Support
  • Voice Assistant Siri
  • Ram of 4GB and 6GB
  • 4G and 5G support
  • Core Graphics
  • Compass
  • Proximity
  • Accelerometer
  • Face ID
  • Barometer
  • Gyro
  • Fast charging
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Maximum of 80 hours of music play
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • USB Support
  • New models of iPhone include a 12MP camera, supports dual sim, comes with a GPU of 4
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB) support and a processor of Hexa-core (2×3.1 GHz Firestorm + 4×1.8 GHz Icestorm)

Advantages and Disadvantages of an iPhone

Pros of the iPhone

Excellent Audio Quality

An Apple iPhone can provide you with superior audio quality of the speaker, mic, and loudspeaker. You won’t experience any rough sound coming from the mic and the speaker.

Exceptional Performance

An iPhone has a good processor and GPU that provides maximum output and only consumes low battery. The new processor of an iPhone is capable of processing 2.7 billion instructions per second.

Similar Look and Feel

If you are using Apple products, then you can’t feel any difference when you are using any new Apple products. All Apple products have a similar look and feel. Additionally, if you purchase a new iPhone then you will easily get used to it. Whether you are young or old, you won’t experience any difficulty with regards to the user interface of the iPhone.

No Crashes on Apps

All apps that are available in the Apple app store have gone through a strict approval process. Only apps with good performance scores will obtain approval. Hence, there are only less chances that some apps get crashed or compromise the users’ data. All of these apps are always updated so that any future problems can be fixed.


There are a lot of well-known companies out there that are associated with the iPhone. iHealthLabs is one good example. This company produces activity monitors, wireless pulse oximeter, wireless scales, and blood pressure monitors.

Superb Privacy

Apps that are available in the Apple app store are less likely infected with viruses. These apps have an excellent privacy score and there are extremely rare chances that your personal data will be leaked. Personal data is very important and if you are using an iPhone, then you can always be assured of the fact that you are safe from hackers. You can guarantee that there are no fake apps that are found in the Apple app store. Unlike Android, where any app can quickly get approved, in the Apple app store, it will be difficult to get an approval without a strict vetting process.

Use Minimal Code

The programming language being used in making iPhone apps is Objective-C. This language uses less code in making the app in contrast to Android which uses several codes in developing an app.

Less Ads

When using Android phones, you might notice that there are a lot of ads that will pop up while you are using the app. However, you will not experience this with an iPhone. iPhone users will run into less ads while using their phones.

Battery Performance

In Android phones, the batteries are consumed even when you are not using your phone. On the other hand, iOS devices will utilize your battery efficiently. You can even use your phone all day without the need to charge it. There are some Android phones that use large capacity batteries, however, because of low quality apps, the battery can quickly deplete when using an Android.

Also, if you have enabled GPS in your Android phone, it can instantly weaken your battery since the GPS feature will be using the battery when the phone is not used. On the other hand, if you are using an iPhone, then you are allowed to enable/disable the GPS.

High-Quality Camera

With an iPhone camera, you can always be assured of great quality and function. In fact, there are no other mobile cameras that can compete with the camera of an iPhone. You won’t experience any issues with the camera. In fact, many people use their iPhone cameras to take high-quality photos that are easily mistaken for professional-grade ones.

Release of New Versions

Apple is frequently releasing new versions of iOS. Every year, Apple releases a new version of iOS (iPhone operating system). Even if you have an old iPhone model, you can still obtain software updates. In comparison with Android phones, they get software updates only between 18 to 24 months. After this period, you will probably experience some security problems with your Android phone.

Apple Pay

Online shopping can be handled easily with Apple Pay. This means that you don’t need to use a credit card when making payments for your online shopping.

More Money from Apple App Developers

As an iOS app developer, you can earn more money than being an Android app developer.

Data Sharing

Apple devices include a feature that allows you to have access to the same data using all your Apple devices. This means all the data that is in-sync to all the Apple devices. If you are opening a web page and you leave your iPhone, then you use another Apple device such as an iPad, then it will be the same web page shown on your Apple device or any other Apple device such as an iMac. It will use certain apps to sync the data such as Facetime, Calendar, Airdrops, Contacts, and Calendar.

Excellent Resale Value

Since old models of iPhone will obtain software updates, the resale value of old phones is also pretty much sustained

Uninstall Bloatware

Keep in mind that bloatware apps will utilize a huge amount of space and memory. However, you can be assured that iPhone apps will use memory and space efficiently. If you recognize an app that is bloatware, then you can simply uninstall that app. However, when it comes to Android phones, most of its bloatware apps such as Flipboard and Facebook are preinstalled, and you are not allowed to uninstall those apps.

Cons of iPhone

Parts are Non-Replaceable

In case there are any parts that are damaged on your iPhone, unfortunately, they cannot be replaced. For instance, the battery in your iPhone cannot be replaced. This is because when you are replacing any part, some changes might occur that could damage the circuit of the phone.

Less Free Apps

There are fewer free apps available on the Apple app store since most of their apps are paid. Therefore, there are fewer chances that you can get a good app for free.

More Expensive

If your iPhone gets stolen or falls from your hands, then you will be losing a large amount of money. Since it is very expensive, you should always be careful in handling it. Furthermore, iPhone accessories such as Airpods, lightning cable, phone cases, Apple pencil, etc. are very costly as well.


Installing 3rd party apps or customizing your phone will require you to jailbreak your phone. Also, you need to remind yourself that after doing a jailbreak, it will be harder for you to install an old version of iOS. There are chances that you might lose all your data after doing a jailbreak on your phone. You cannot un-root your phone unless you delete all the data.

Larger Apps

Most iPhone apps are large. This means that you will quickly consume the space on your iPhone. Also, there are a few apps which will store more data on your phone which can make your iPhone slower.

Not an Open Platform

With Android phones, customization can be done easily since Android is an open platform. However, all the code used in iOS supported devices are private, which means that they cannot be customized. Again, you will have to jailbreak your phone so it can be customized. Consequently, if you jailbreak your iPhone then you will be at risk of losing the privacy of your phone.

Costly Repair

All the components of an iPhone are costly so as its repair cost. That is why, most customers would rather purchase a new phone rather than repairing it.

Charger and Headphone Have the Same Port

Since the port for the charger and the headphone is the same, you won’t be able to listen to music using your headphone when you are charging your phone.

Chargers for Apple are Hard to Find

Apple iPhone chargers are not always available. Since Apple is making all their iPhone parts, you will have to get a 3rd party iPhone charger from stores.

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