The workplace has made a 180-degree shift from the traditional office to the home office. Who would have thought that the coronavirus pandemic would last so long that the era is now called the new normal? New normal means that work from home and remote work is now prevalent, and companies are adopting it with open arms. There is no question about the perks of remote work for both employer and employee. Working from home increases productivity, and it is also one of the reasons why large companies are opting for this setup even after the pandemic.

A study shows that employees who use Macs perform better than PC users. It proves that it increases work satisfaction, making the employees want to stay with the company. Not only do they meet the standard performance, but Mac users also exceed performance expectations by 22%. Some reasons are the available software and the platform. Where workers are productive and motivated, company performance is exemplary. And Apple products contribute to the workplace in many ways.

If remote work increases productivity and using Mac increases productivity, then combining the two is double productivity. Better sales, creative staff, happier employees, and better overall performance are just a few of the things that Apple products could bring to your company. A computer is not simply a machine you use to get tasks done. It could either save you time and bandwidth or waste it. The computer you use makes a difference. From the software to the features, it all contributes to the variation.

Here are five distinct benefits of gearing towards an Apple-exclusive remote workplace.

Team Collaboration At Its Best

Now that most work teams are composed of talents living in different countries and cities having varying time zones, work collaboration becomes challenging. Apple presents a solution to this problem. Their up-to-date software and applications support organizational management that features great administrative control with maximum security.

Apple’s applications are the best of the best apps in the market for remote work collaboration. They have regular updates for their software for a better user experience, and thousands of applications are being created and made available in the Apple store yearly.

Another distinction to Apple products from Windows is that users can appropriate the software and applications on the Apple store on any Apple products, be it an iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Employees can now participate using any of the Apple products. For example, if the team manager is calling for a meeting using their Mac, the responding team member in a different time zone is doing fieldwork and doesn’t carry a Mac but has an iPhone. Hence, that team member could use their iPhone for the meeting.  Collaboration becomes easier at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. Unlike Windows, users can only access the applications on Windows, not on Android or any other operating software.

Apple stores are not limited to communication programs, virtual office, and task organization applications, but they also offer human resource- and accounting-friendly tools wherein departments work in teams. The interface is as simple as the other tools, and the accessibility is easy as well.

Making Managing Simple

Remote work sounds easy, but how about remote management? Managing people you don’t meet every day, supervising employees working in different environments and conditions are more complicated than usual. However, if managers adopt excellent management tools, the work becomes effortless. The time and distance are not a hindrance, but instead, serve as an opportunity for the managers to discover applications that they could use for better management skills.

Different kinds of training are indeed essential for the employees and company. During these uncertain times, training employees should not be a challenge. Research says that remote workers that underwent training and exclusive supervision enjoy a variety of benefits. With the help of Apple’s applications, this chore will be an easy one.

Product managers will also experience the same benefits.  The products’ organization and handling will stay as efficient as it was, even if white-collared workers are remotely working. One of the significant advantages of having an Apple-exclusive workforce is it helps ensure that virtual work doesn’t negatively affect the company management.

Quality Organization

A workplace needs a definite structure. The employees should know what to do, who to report to, and when to do the tasks. Even if it is a virtual workplace, it is critical to have an organizational structure. It should be clear for everyone to remain productive, efficient with their time, and work stress-free.

All you need is a well-organized system. It is easy to create a remote work plan where all the participants use the same Apple software where projects are seen by. With better workplace design and product classification, expect a boost of employees’ productivity and a quality performance output.

Switching to an Apple work environment gives everyone access to the best organizational information technology. If everyone works with the same platform, employees will view files consistently, operate programs without difficulty, and progress smoothly. Everyone is on the same page. In addition, tools for managing all the Apple devices in a singular unit under a similar administrator are available. The IT department can access the Macs for system updates, password resets, storage, and data removal. This feature makes the overall organization of the company-owned Apple devices simple.

iPhones and Features

One of the most notable innovations of iPhones as workplace assistants is Siri. Siri is an AI voice assistant encrypted into Apple devices. Talking to Siri helps in quickly getting things done. Employees can ask her to message co-workers, set reminders, search on the Internet, take notes, and many more.

By doing these small tasks, we can state that Siri can yield worker efficiency. It will be worth it to incorporate this AI system on every company’s iPhone. It is helpful, convenient, and easy to use. Also, workers can pair their iPhones with small business phone services in creating a better work environment applicable to their community.

Workforce Optimization And Control

Apple platforms provide workforce optimization software that managers can access to help them integrate contact center technologies. Team leaders can ensure that the workers are doing their current projects very well. Executives can be confident the company is running smoothly.

Developers of this kind of software intend to boost the workforce’s potential and capacity. It is also a way for the supervisors to oversee any miscommunications and confusions present within the organization. If this software is applied effectively, employers can control teams’ productivity and output.

To control the communication within the business and secure information, consider employing the session initiation protocol if you haven’t. Companies use session initiation protocol, or SIP to signal and control interactive sessions through voice messaging, instant messaging, and many more. It can communicate in multicast and any media type. You can choose the best SIP provider on Apple’s platforms for your company, boosting your administration control and workforce optimization.

Remote work is better when employees use Apple products. It increases satisfaction, excellence, and productivity that are all essential in the business’s profit margin. The investment will surely not go down the drain. One opponent of remote work is isolation.

Having to work away from co-workers and office building is a huge adjustment. But with Apple’s programs and applications, along with communication, collaboration, brainstorming, and problem-solving, the sense of isolation can be replaced with a sense of fulfillment.

Co-workers could be away but not apart. They can feel the presence of each other using apps on Apple products like FaceTime. Management tools provided by Apple are also helpful in maintaining the company’s organization, culture, and politics. With the range of applications that Apple offers, there are surely several that will suit your company’s needs.

Apple products are high-quality, and its user experience is top-notch. During these times, employees do their jobs on the cloud. Conferences, training, and seminars are all handled virtually. Hence, technology and gadgets are a worker’s best friend.

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