You probably see people carrying around an iPad and found yourself thinking to yourself, “Why? I can do everything it does on my laptop and more!” What must be their reason to continue to own an iPad?

Where did tablets come from?

Tablets root back from what is called the tablet computer. Tablet computers are associated with a particular operating software that recognizes handwritten characters by processing the handwriting motion. This software is an example of pen computing technology. The first patent for this system was granted as early as 1914.

Several fictional prototypes have been portrayed in films and written literature since 1961. In 1983, Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs projected in his speech an “incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes.

The electronic magnates of this period envisioned that people would soon want to carry their spiral notebook-sized computers. Technology giants such as Linux, Compaq, Palm, Microsoft, and Apple began developing their own devices to suit this need.

The Apple iPad

Finally, on January 20, 2010, Apple announced its first generation of iPad. This Apple tablet used an Apple chip, four switches or buttons, and a multitouch-based display. It had WiFi and WiFi 3G versions that were released subsequently. Its lineup included the original iPad and the three new flagships, namely iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

The original iPad model was well received. It was one of the most influential inventions of 2010. The lineup and flagships have had a stable market share from their launch until now. Adding $20 to $30 billion revenue to Apple since its introduction, it truly made its mark in the gadget world. Accessories were also developed, such as the Apple Pencil, smart case, smart keyboard, adapters, etc.

Why should you own an iPad?

Versatility and portability are the two most notable features of the iPad. Simple tools such as the calendar, calculator, camera, dictionary, web browser, among others, are easily accessible at the command of your fingertips or voice (command).

As Steve Jobs envisioned, the iPad answers the people’s call for an easy-to-carry computer. Tablets are generally a better choice than a laptop or a phone. Phones are too small, and laptops can be bulky. Your iPad will easily fit your backpack, carry-on, or briefcase when traveling, either for work or leisure. Use it to catch up on work or kill time while you’re in a car, train, bus, or airplane.

Here are the top 5 general reasons for owning an iPad:

It is a great assistant at work.

The Apple iPad has become an essential business tool since its launch. In the office, use your tablet for multitasking. Most of the regular work-related tasks you do on your computer or laptop, you can also do on the iPad. You can: 

Use a word processing application:  The iPad can aid you in opening reference documents while you work on your computer. You can also edit documents and compile notes. Most of these apps offer file compatibility, so you can still share them with other people in your network.

Surf the web:  The Safari is the iPad’s built-in web browser. Its interface is similar to your desktop’s browser. Whether you use Safari or other search engines, you will be able to use it if you want to make a quick check on the latest news or look upon the topic you are discussing in your meeting with just a few clicks on your iPad.

Create and hold in-person or virtual presentations:  With the availability of interactive business presentation apps, creating presentations on your iPad is as easy as ever. When meeting your clients for coffee, the iPad’s large screen and portability come in handy. Sharing it in the cloud or on your screen is also possible in virtual conferences.

Even after coming home, the iPad helps you to do a quick check on job-related activities. As long as you sync your accounts and documents, you can check your email, update your spreadsheets, and scan documents or images.

The iPad offers excellent drawing and painting apps if your work is in the graphic arts or any creative field. You can turn your tablet into a complete and portable art studio. Most of the apps work perfectly with the Apple Pencil. These gadgets have revolutionized the creation of digital art.

It is an organized household helper.

You can also utilize all the functions above in your capacity as a household manager. In addition, the iPad enhances your organization and schedule as a family, your community involvement, and when taking care of your children’s needs.

Set up family sharing on iPad so family members can share purchases, subscriptions, location, and more. You can also put in place parental controls for your young children.

Your iPad can also serve as the core control or the hub for your smart home. You may use old or refurbished iPads for this function. At Derek Enterprises, we sell fully functional refurbished iPads, which you can easily order online or from our store. Click here to schedule an appointment.

The iPad is essential for school support.

Besides using the web browser to do research, the iPad is a great note-taking tool for your kids, students, or yourself. You have the option to type using the keyboard or utilize any note-taking application of your preference. 

The iPad has taken the note-taking task to new heights. Manual writing is preferred by visual and kinesthetic learners around the globe. Recently, note-taking apps have also leveled up and added features like embedding images, annotating pdfs, and recording voice memos. You also get to take care of the environment by going paperless.

Ebooks and digital copies of books have been popular since the 1990s. The iPad as an ebook reader provides several advantages. It takes books from multiple sources, the navigation is intuitive, and the back-lit screen makes it perfect for reading at night. You can also adjust the brightness if the light is glaring.

Audiobooks or books you can listen to have also been made available in the Apple Books or apps like Kindle or Audible. Podcasts are also a good learning and self-improvement platform. You can also use your iPad to listen through iTunes and other applications.

It promotes a work-life balance.

The iPad is an incredible tool for productivity. With its capacity to run both work- and leisure-related apps, it is a device that pushes you to work hard, then play hard. There is no comparison between playing games on your iPad, computer, or phone. The iPad’s portability and big enough screen make the experience so much better.

You can bring your games, movies, and music on the go. In games, it allows precise taps giving you the edge to succeed in your gaming goals. The connectivity also allows you to interact with like-minded gamers around the globe.

It is a tool for constant and meaningful connections.

Apple’s video calling app, FaceTime, allows you to instantly connect with your family and friends who are also using Apple products. Wherever you are, whenever you feel like having that conversation, as long as you have an internet connection and an Apple ID, you can always make the call.

Are you still having second thoughts about the iPad’s versatility? Perhaps, you are worried about its price. Give us a call at (541)255-2310 for any inquiries. You can also visit our physical retail store at SmartHelp 964 Pumpkin Ridge, Eagle Point, OR 97524.

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